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NNPC Releases its Audited Accounts for the first time since it was Founded on 1st April 1977

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Group has published the audited accounts of its subsidiaries & business divisions for the first time since it was Founded on 1st April 1977. The audited accounts are available on NNPC website.

Stakeholders have commended this laudable action, under the current leadership of Mele Kyari (GMD), as an important step towards promoting transparency in the Extractive Sector & also advocates for further reforms.

Below is a Press Statement on NNPC by BudglT

BudglT commends NNPC’s Laudable Step of publishing its 2018 Audited Report and launching the NNPC OpenData segment on its official website.

BudglT commends the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for publishing the audited accounts of its subsidiaries and business divisions for the first time; and also launching the OpenData segment on its website, as a measure to promote transparency in its financial operations. There is no doubt that the Mele-Kyari led NNPC management has blazed the trail by making the audited report of all NNPC’s subsidiaries available online.

For the past four years, BudglT, through the Extractives Consultative
Forum and with support from the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), has been engaging key oil and gas stakeholders annually; including officials from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Department of Petroleum Resources, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Civil Society Organisations and private individuals. These engagements have centered on ways by which the NNPC can become more transparent, assume, and maintain the status of a commercially viable entity, as its consecutive losses are not sustainable in the long term.

A financially viable and transparent NNPC is pivotal to the Nigerian Economy as the government still largely depends on revenue from oil to finance its budgets. Over the years, BudglT has consistently requested that the NNPC should make its audited report available to citizens in addition to publishing its monthly financial and operations reports, to further ensure transparency and accountability.

In our last policy brief on NNPC reforms titled “NNPC: The burden of Africa’s Oil and Gas Giant “, making NNPC’s audit report public was one of the 7
recommendations for reforms we put forward .

“Launching an OpenData segment on its official website is a very commendable step by the NNPC. We encourage Nigerians to download the audit reports and other data put up by NNPC, study them, and Ask Questions,” says Adejoke Akinbode, a Project Officer with BudglT’s
Extractive Department.

While these are important steps regarding transparency, more still has to be done by the Federal Government to reform the NNPC. “The Federal Government needs to reform the NNPC to reverse the trend of the massive losses recorded by some of the NNPC subsidiaries, annually.

This audit report is a laudable step towards showing Nigerians the true picture of what is going on in NNPC. ” added Gabriel Okeowo, BudglT’s Principal Lead

Iyanu Fatoba
Communications Associate, BudglT

BudglT is a civic organization that applies technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change. A pioneer in the field of social advocacy melded with technology, BudglT uses an array of tech tools to simplify the budget and matters of public spending for citizens, with the primary aim of raising the standard of transparency and accountability in government.

NNPC Audited Financial Statements 2018

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