1. How can companies obtain Certificates of Compliance? – PensionNigeria

1. How can companies obtain Certificates of Compliance?

A company can obtain certificate of compliance by formally applying to the Commission and attaching the following documents:

  1. Certified list of employees of the organization as at the end of the last fiscal year.
  2. Certified rates of monthly contributions indicating the employer (minimum 10%) and employee (minimum 8%) rates.
  3. Evidence of remittance of pension contributions for the last three fiscal years for organizations that were in existence for that period; and from the date of incorporation/registration/licensing to the last fiscal year for organizations that were not in existence for the last three fiscal years.
  4. Evidence of transfer of pension fund and assets meant for any pre-2004 retirement benefits scheme into the employees RSA
  5. Evidence of remittance of all outstanding pension contributions and penalties where applicable.
  6. Evidence of valid Group Life Insurance Policy, which should include Certificate of Group Life, Policy Document and evidence of payment.
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