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Bauchi lost N1.062bn to ghost workers & pensioners

Bauchi State Government has disclosed that it lost over N1.062 billion to ghost workers and pensioners between June 2016 and January 2020. This was disclosed by the state Commissioner of Finance, Umar Sanda, while addressing journalists on the outcome of the Bauchi State Executive Council meeting held during the week.

Umar said a memorandum of the committee on some of the findings on the issue of ghost workers from June 2016 to January 2020, involving 259 ghost workers were mind boggling.

Umar further disclosed that a total of 193 people were involved in a fraud of N270m in the state payroll while 66 persons were involved in a fraud of over N792m in the local government payroll. He said, “The total amount of fraud for both the state and local government payrolls is N1.062bn.

Umar also said, “We’ve been arresting the culprits, but the problem is that they always change their names. We’ve not taken any definite decision on where to take the culprits because it is an ongoing process”.

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