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Bauchi uncovers 369 dead Pensioners & Workers on its Payroll

Bauchi State government has uncovered 312 deceased Local Government pensioners, 9 deceased State pensioners and 48 deceased workers on its local government and State nominal payroll.

Special Adviser to the Bauchi State Governor on Civil Service Affairs, Abdon Gin, who disclosed this at a press conference in Bauchi yesterday, 12 August 2020, said the state government had saved over N91 million from the discovery. He said that the discovery was made by the panel set up by the state governor on the verification of workers without Bank Verification Number.

Gin said, “The committee discovered 312 deceased local government pensioners on the pensioners’ nominal and payroll. The monthly value is N9,921,511.48. The committee discovered 9 deceased state pensioners from the nominal and payroll. The monthly value is N234,521.91. The committee discovered 48 deceased local government staff during the physical verification, this was costing the government N1,999,803.90 monthly.

The Special Adviser said all the deceased persons have been permanently removed from both the nominal roll and payroll.

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