Bayelsa State House of Assembly is likely to Resubmit their Request for Life Pension. – PensionNigeria

Bayelsa State House of Assembly is likely to Resubmit their Request for Life Pension.

The Speaker of Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Benson Konbowei, has made comments that suggests that Bayelsa State House of Assembly will resubmit their request for life pension.

Konbowei, in an interview with reporters on Tuesday at the Government House, after a stakeholders meeting said the request for pension by the members of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly was not out of place.

He stated that since 1903 parliamentarians had been enjoying pension and as such, it would not have been abnormal if Bayelsa lawmakers also received pension after their service to the state.

Konbowei attributed the public rejection of the bill to ignorance, insisting that parliamentary life pension was being practised in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. He further contended that India also joined by passing a parliamentary pension act in 2018.

The speaker said, 

“We are not angry because we have passed quite a number of bills, over 100 and if only one is stepped down, there should be no cause to be angry. And it is not something anybody should cry over. So, we are not angry.

“If I want to talk about that bill; it is the ignorance of the people that is prevalent. Elsewhere in the US, in the UK; just in 2018, India passed the parliamentary pension act. In so many countries, it is in use.

“It is only in Nigeria; since 1903, pension to parliamentarians had been in use. Go and research it. I’m a researcher. We will visit that issue (the bill) and give you the true picture. It is not something we should be arguing over.”

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