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Ekiti State Arrest 2 for Impersonating their Fathers to collect Pension.

Two alleged impersonators were on Friday arrested at the Ekiti State Data Centre, Ado Ekiti, venue of the ongoing biometric validation of civil servants and pensioners in the state. While one of them impersonated his dead father, the other reportedly paraded himself as his ailing father. One of the suspects said he had been impersonating his late father and collecting his salaries since 2012, and the other claimed he had been impersonating his ailing father since 2018.

Ekiti State Commissioner for Finance, Mr Dapo Kolawole, who confirmed the arrests in a chat at the centre, described the act as illegal and fraudulent, saying that “the government will ensure the system is purged of all forms of illegalities.”

Kolawole said, “Through the biometric exercise, the fingerprints of these suspects did not match with those of their parents who they have impersonated.” He also said that the head teacher of the affected school and the senior staff at the concerned local government aided the criminal acts so they could benefit from the vacant spaces undeclared.

The commissioner, who said that the ongoing exercise had helped in curbing the excesses of civil servants in the state, said, “Ekiti State Government has taken a step further in ensuring accountability and transparency in the civil service system by introducing the biometric validation exercise to keep accurate records of all civil servants and pensioners.”

“When death occurs in the civil service, a declaration is made to announce vacancy to fill up the space to avoid cases such as impersonation. When we commenced the biometric exercise at the local government levels, some civil servants were not verified because they were not in attendance and so we invited them to the data centre for verification where we discovered some of them have issues of impersonation and substitution.” “The government will further investigate this matter beyond this discovery and will ensure that perpetrators are brought to book.”

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