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Imo State Gov gives assurance on payment of Entitlements

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma has said that as a Government they will not withhold the salaries, pensions or any legitimate entitlement of any worker or pensioner in the State or local government civil service. He made the statement during his address at the Christmas Day Mass in his home Church, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Omuma, Oru East LGA.

The governor said, “I have a covenant with God to sincerely serve the people of Imo State and I am committed to this promise throughout my tenure as Governor. I recalled the events that brought me into politics, the contest for governorship of Imo State and the reclaiming of my mandate at the Supreme Court, maintaining that the people of Omuma have many reasons to be grateful to God for making one of their own governor of the State.”

“My desire to govern Imo was predicated on the will of God. I mentioned that I have never ventured into anything without first seeking God’s direction, the reason I was able to overcome the challenges I encountered on my assumption of office on January 15, 2020. Contrary to popular perception, I discovered that the problem of Imo State is more with the Civil Service system than the politicians.”

“Massive corruption was the order of the day in the Imo State Civil Service when I assumed office and it wasn’t healthy for us as a State. Though my predecessor, Emeka Ihedioha’s administration, noticed the anomalies plaguing the system & tried to do some verification, their efforts yielded little results then, until our administration came on board and embarked on full automation of the payment system of the State.”

“To this end, relying on the automation of the payment and financial systems, 43,000 workers and 21,000 pensioners in Imo State have been paid their salaries and pensions up to date. Those who have not been paid are those who have issues with accurate bio-data or those receiving double salaries or pensions and therefore queried by the automation system.”

“I challenge those claiming to be owed to approach the data centre with their pension identification number and other relevant details so that their status will be revealed and payment effected if they do not have issues. We will publish the details of all Imo workers & pensioners who have passed the automation process & have been receiving their entitlements till date in the newspapers by Jan. 2, 2021, so that those still in doubt will know how serious the government is with the automation.”

We have come for the good of Imo people, irrespective of party affiliation. Though I am the Governor of an APC-led government, I preside over the affairs of all Imo citizens regardless of party leaning. Therefore, I call on Imo citizens to pray for the State. Most assuredly, there is light on the horizon and better days ahead for the State.

I wish you all a merry Christmas.
Hope Uzodimma

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