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Imo State to Stop Paying Pensioners in Micro Finance Banks & Update on Imo Pension Fraud

As a government we appreciate Imo workers and pensioners for their patience and perseverance, especially those whose salaries and pensions have been delayed for one reason or another. Soon their problems will be sorted out and they will laugh again. We are determined to ensure that genuine workers and pensioners no longer cry over their rights going forward.

Our Govt has also discovered that most of the workers & pensioners were using the Micro Finance Banks that don’t issue Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) & as such, I seize this opportunity once again to appeal to such workers and pensioners to urgently change to commercial banks.

In the interim, the Government is working to see how genuine workers and pensioners among those complaining they have not been paid can be paid manually, while putting work in place to ensure that the right thing is done.

Therefore, I advise those who consider themselves as genuine workers and pensioners to take their particulars and complaints to their Unions for proper documentation, which will be further channeled to the government for immediate attention.

I reiterate that all workers who’ve long colluded with others with criminal intents to defraud Govt huge sums of money through salary padding & self-promotion to cadres they don’t belong in order to earn salaries they don’t deserve, must surely pay back the excesses to govt. As an individual, I have a covenant with God to do the right thing in office and I am irrevocably committed to doing the right thing.

Furthermore, I re-emphasized that our government is determined to continue with the automation of salaries of workers and pensioners. This is the in-thing all over the world today, of which Imo State cannot be an exception.

I wonder how our primary schools would have a population of teachers whose number is almost more than that of the pupils they teach. An insight into the payroll of primary school teachers has revealed unbelievably, large number of ghost teachers.

To help check the menace therefore, I charge the Traditional Rulers in Imo State to get involved in the activities of the primary schools in their communities and inform government of areas of improvement and shortcomings of such schools as it concerns infrastructure, academic standards and performance of the pupils.

I enjoin Imolites to imbibe the vision of our Government of Shared Prosperity. All efforts are geared towards serving Imo people better and helping the State to grow.

Sen. Hope Uzodimma
Governor, Imo State

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