Kaduna Assembly Amends Pension Law for Governors, more Benefits. – PensionNigeria

Kaduna Assembly Amends Pension Law for Governors, more Benefits.

Kaduna State House of Assembly on Wednesday amended the state Pension and Gratuity Law 2006 for governors, to provide for death benefits to any of them who died while in service. The benefits as provided in the amendment will be “lumpsome of gross annual salary of the incumbent Governor or Deputy Governor as death benefit to the family.”

News Agency of Nigeria reports that the lawmakers unanimously passed the amendment at plenary presided by the Deputy Speaker, Muktar Hazo, on Wednesday. Already, there is provision in the law for payment of pension and gratuity to former governors and deputies in the state.

Speaking after the sitting, Suleiman Dabo, representing Zaria Constituency, explained that the law was amended to ensure fairness to any governor or deputy who might die while serving the state.

“Looking at the critical roles and responsibilities being carried out by these two individuals, it would be unfair to say that in the event of death, which can happen to either of the two while in office, they will just go like that without anything to their families. We believe that, in the principal law there is a problem, because it is a human document and there must be error, as such the amendment was necessary,” Mr Dabo added.

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