Nigeria Airways Retirees Commend President Buhari

Nigeria Airways Pensioners have commended President Muhammadu Buhari for fulfilling his promise to ensure they get their entitlement. The pensioners made the statement at the verification conducted in Lagos State by the Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit (PICA) of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The exercise, which was conducted simultaneously in Lagos State and Kano State, was to register the remaining pensioners and retirees who were yet to be captured for payment. A similar exercise was earlier conducted in Lagos, Kano, and Enugu in 2018. The Officials disclosed that the exercise would move to the United States, England and Canada to register those who have relocated to those countries later in September.

Speaking at the event, representative of the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Finance thanked the retirees for their patience and orderliness. He also assured them that the Federal Government would fulfill its responsibilities to them. He said the ongoing exercise would be the last, as it was only meant to take care of those that were left out of previous verification exercises.

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