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NSCC, NIMC, NUP to provide ID Cards for Senior Citizens to access effective Social and Health Services

The National Senior Citizens Centre (NSCC), National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) are collaborating to provide ID Cards for senior citizens to access effective social and health services.

The Director-General of NSCC, Dr Emem Omokaro, made this known at a Town Hall Meeting with senior citizens on Wednesday in Abuja.

Omokaro said the essence of the meeting was to sensitise senior citizens on the process of registration and issuance of Special Functional Identity Cards (ID Cards).

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the meeting was organised by NSCC, NIMC and NUP.

“This is to facilitate their access to dignified age- friendly services, considerable discounts and courtesies in use of public spaces and facilities.

“NSCC and NIMC have developed a very professional and progressive partnership with a very active and focused Technical Working Group in furtherance of the Senior Citizens ID Cards Project.

” Also, the NUP has proven to be a formidable stakeholder and dependable ally. Today, we also seek to involve and mobilise all pensioners and older persons to engage with one voice to ensure the success of this process.

“This is because, the lack of access is often exacerbated by aging, negative stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination and lowered expectations of their abilities,” Omokaro said.

According to her, the sensitisation is to enhance understanding of age-friendly services and spaces and compel attitudinal and behavioural changes that are needful to accelerate social inclusion and ensure sustainability.

Omokaro restated the commitment of the NSCC to promoting, producing information, education and communication, to compel a change of perspective on aging and old age.

“This is to ensure increase accessibility and encouragement of independence and participation of older persons in public spaces.”

The Director-General of NIMC, Mr Aliyu Aziz said the establishment of the NSCC was an indication of commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari to enhance the quality of lives of older persons

“I am of a firm belief that the integration of the challenges of the senior citizens into Nigeria’s development plans will go a long way in improving their standard of living and general well being.

“I want to commend the Board and Management of the NSCC for their work and efforts in identifying and catering for the social welfare of the senior citizens in areas of healthcare, pensions, security, social protection, supplementary income as well as identification.

“This work is truly for all of us, as we will all be beneficiaries of these hard work and sacrifices as we attain the age of 60 and above.

“As a side activity, the Commission has provided an enrolment booth to register senior citizens and sensitise them on the process of enrolment and issuance of National ID cards,” Aziz said.

Meanwhile, Dr Abel Afolayan, the National President of NUP, represented by Alhaji, Abdullahi Tsohoo said in other climes, the welfare and care of the senior citizens are top priority.

“NUP is proud to be associated with all the activities of the NSCC and it is ready to engage the centre in the affairs of senior citizens”.

Source: (NAN)

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