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NUP Writes Open letter to Rivers Gov over N70 Billion Outstanding Pension Liabilities, list all Unpaid Entitlements

Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) Rivers State Chapter has sent an open letter to Rivers State Governor over non payment of outstanding N70 Billion pension liabilities in the State. The letter which was dated 29 January 2021 was signed by the State Chairman, Collins Nwankwo and the State Secretary Joseph Agbo.

Below is the letter,


Your Excellency, Sir,

With due respect and honour, we the undersigned, on behalf of the entire members of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Rivers State Council humbly appeal to you to graciously as a father consider the plight of pensioners of this State.

We use this medium to thank Your Excellency, for the prompt payment of our monthly pension allowance of those who had been on regular monthly pension allowance. We are grateful. The Union appreciates Your Excellency’s frantic effort in numerous developmental projects within the 23 local Government Areas of the State and appeal to Your Excellency, that payment of pension liabilities should be taken as a project.

We plead with Your Excellency, to right the wrongs and consider the plight of the aged (Pensioners) of this State who are indigenes of the State. We state Categorically that PENSION is a right, and not a privilege and it is provided in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Section 173(3) States thus, Pensions shall be reviewed every five years or together with any Federal Civil Service Salary reviews, whichever is earlier.

It is therefore inhuman for any person who had sworn to the 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria to deny pensioners of their entitlements.

Sometimes the Government Officials misconstrued the payment of monthly pension allowance to mean that all pension liabilities had been paid. For further explanation, what Government pays is monthly pension allowance leaving the major ones.

We therefore itemized the unpaid entitlement thus:

1. Non-payment of gratuities since April 2015 to date.

2. Non-payment of accrued initial pension arrears since April 2015 to date.

3. 6% Review of pension rate Circular No.SWL/S10-1/S.164/289 dated 5th August 2010.

4. 15% Review of Pension rate SWL/s10-1/s.164/289 dated 5th August 2010.

5. On February, 14th 2002, the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation issued a circular No.PNA 32760/S.19/T1/31 dated 14th Feb, 2003, transferring the responsibilities of payment of monthly pension allowance of retired Primary School Teachers to their respective State Governments. All other State Governments had implemented this circular except Rivers State.

6. The National Incomes and Wages Commission Abuja, in October 2010 issued a Circular on increase of pension rate of 33%. This circular has not been implemented by the Rivers State Government.

7. Since the coming of the Administration, the State equally have not paid death benefits of deceased pensioners, that in effect means, that the State Government is owing the dead and the living.

8 . Harmonization of pension earnings.
Presently, the State Government owes more than 70 Billion Naira on pension liabilities.


The Union is aware of the financial burden of the State Government because of competing political demands on the State resources, and suggests that no matter how heavy our demand may be, this can be paid on installment basis. The drugs required by aged pensioners are expensive and can only be bought with money, even at Government Hospitals.

We therefore plead with Your Excellency to kindly consider our plight, by this way many lives and families would be saved. We pray the God Almighty to guide and protect you and your family, in Jesus, name-Amen.

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