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Pensioners Give FAAN 7 Days To Reverse 50% Pension Cut

Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP), Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) branch, has called for immediate reversal of 50% reduction of its members’ last month pension. Comrade Emeke Njoku, secretary of NUP FAAN branch in an interview with aviation journalists over the weekend in Lagos called on the Management of FAAN to reverse it within seven (7) days or face the consequences.

He said FAAN management went too far in slashing their pension which amounted to what he called ‘wickedness’. Njoku said it was not a matter of salary but pension stressing that pensioners have been living from hand to mouth with their little monthly pension which has never sustained them.

Njoku lamented that out of the meager pensions being paid, FAAN management was deducting it arguing the criteria used to determine the percentage of pensioners grade level in the deduction. Njoku explained that NUP FAAN branch has lost 10 of their members as a result of their inability to feed and pay hospital bills.

According to Njoku, “We want that money reversed within seven days, we have mobilized our members, it is not done, it is on heard and how much is pension. We shall take action inimical to the organization after seven days without reversal.”

“You see that what FAAN management has done is clear contravention of the Constitution which is not done in any institution, the pensioners will give them consequence. Last time they increased their condition of service they allocated money to themselves, how much did they give pensioners and they went ahead to start slashing pensions without increment in the last 11 years for pensioners”

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