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Retired Judge drags Oyo State to Court over 21 Years Unpaid Pension Entitlements

A retired judge in Oyo state, Judge Caroline Olufawo, dragged the Oyo state government to the National Industrial Court, Ibadan, on Wednesday over her unpaid N51.8 million entitlements.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that others have joined as defendants in the lawsuit, including the state Attorney General and Justice Commissioner, the Office of the Chief Service Officer, and the Ministry of Establishment and Training, Oyo State.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Mr. Olaolu Shyllon, informed the court that the plaintiff retired as a judge in the state in 2001 after serving for a period of 20 years.

Shyllon said that the Oyo state government had yet to pay the plaintiff a penny of her pension since her retirement.

The defendants’ attorney, Ms. TO Dairo, Director of Legal Litigation, Oyo State Ministry of Justice, called her witness to testify in the lawsuit.

The witness, Mr. Babarinde Ayorinde, from the Ministry of Establishment and Training, Oyo State, who was presented with five pieces of evidence in court.

The witness urged the court to adopt his affidavit as evidence in court and dismissed the plaintiff’s case.

The witness, during his cross-examination counsel, confirmed to the court that the applicant was appointed to the state on August 28, 1966 and transferred her appointment to Lagos State on April 1, 1986 after serving in Oyo State for 20 years.

He confirmed to the court that Oyo State had not paid any pension to the applicant since her retirement from Lagos State in 2001, saying that Oyo State was supposed to start paying her pension in 2001.

The witness said that the pension is supposed to be 80 percent of her last paid salary.

Judge John Peters adjourned the case until April 24 for the adoption of final written addresses for both plaintiff and defendants.

Peters, however, frowned at the way judges are treated in Nigeria.

He called the bar to rise up in defense of the judges.

“No one cares what Nigerian judges are going through after retirement.

”It is discouraging to see judges file lawsuits before their pensions are paid after having meritoriously served the country.

“The system is not working and we must stand up, otherwise everyone will be consumed by it.

“How much is the pension?” said the judge.

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