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Retired Teachers cry out over Nonpayment of Pension & cooperative contribution

Teachers that retired or disengaged from service in Zaria and other local governments of Kaduna State on Thursday appealed for government intervention in the payment of their pension and cooperative contributions.

Speaking on behalf of the retired teachers, the Vice Chairman of their union in Zaria Local Government, Malam Muhammadu Rabi’u said their Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) is yet to settle them, years after retirement. He said many of them are now in difficult situation, as having food on the table and taking care of other responsibilities are becoming almost impossible.

Rabi’u said: “I put in 35 years in service and I retired in May 2019. More than a year now, our pension administrator is yet to pay us even a penny. When they came to enroll us, they promised that they will pay us our dues three months after retirement. This promise has now turned out to be a deception.”

“We have been following them, but there is nothing yet on sight. What is further frustrating is the fact that even those that retired in 2017 and 2018 are yet to receive their money. We are calling on the state government and all other stakeholders to look into our plight. Many of us have now developed hypertension. We have families to take care of. They should sympathise with us and pay us our entitlements to enable us to engage in useful ventures.”

Speaking in the same vein, the Public Relations Officer of the retirees, Malama Magajiya Yahaya, said what is compounding their problem is the failure of the teachers’ union in the state to settle their cooperative contribution, popularly known as Endwell. She said many of them have made contributions from N200,000 and above, but the union is yet to make payments in accordance with the agreement, which states that a member is to receive his contribution one month after leaving service.

Extract from Status of Implementation of Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) in States as at February 2020.
Kaduna, Lagos and Federal Capital Territory are unfortunately the only states in Nigeria that have meaningfully implemented the Contributory Pension Scheme. However, there are indications that these states are not up to date in the transfer of pension contributions and or Accrued Rights to the Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs). Even the Federal Government is not up to date in remittance of Accrued Rights to PFAs, as at July 2020, FG had only released accrued rights for retirees up till March 2019. If FG and states do not transfer all the pension contributions and Accrued Rights of a retired employee to the PFA, the PFA can not pay the Retiree.
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Status of Implementation of the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) in States as at February 2020

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