Status of Contributory Pension Assets as at End of January 2020

Contributory Pension Assets rose by approximately N212 Billion in January 2020 compared to the N226 Billion in December 2019.

The total assets under the Contributory Pension Scheme rose to approximately N10.43 Trillion as at the end of January 2020 compared to the N10.22 Trillion as at end of December 2019.

The Top 7 places pension funds were invested as at January 2020 are;

FGN Securities N7.40 Trillion (70.96%)
Local Money Market Securities N1.18 Trillion (11.31%)
Corporate Debt Securities N652b (6.25%)
Domestic Ordinary Shares N595b (5.71%)
Real Estate Properties N218b (2.09%)
State Govt. Securities N160b (1.53%)
Foreign Ordinary Shares N71b (0.68%)

Below is the full report on the Status of Contributory Pension Assets as at end of January 2020.

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