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ICAN President Charges Govt to Leverage Expertise of Professionals.

ICAN President, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuadigbo, FCA has implored governments at all levels in the country to leverage the expertise of professionals to tackle the numerous challenges hindering inclusive growth and development in the country.

Mazi Okwuadigbo who spoke at the Board Meeting of the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBM) in Lagos said Nigeria should draw lesson from forward-looking nations of the world that place high premium on multi-disciplinary models to address their socio-economic issues.

“It is an indisputable fact that for the country to achieve any meaningful progress, there is the need for leadership at all levels in the country to strategically relate with the Organized Private Sector bodies, such as the APBN’, he said, adding that Nigeria needs well-groomed and disciplined technocrats in the governance value chain of the country.

According to the ICAN President, Nigeria would be living in denial if she “fails to appropriate and adequately utilize the knowledge, skills and talents of professionals across all fields”. He averred that it was time for professionals to make their voices more audible on matters threatening the stability of Nigeria.

Speaking further, Mazi Okwuadigbo said: “Our “going concern” as a nation is precarious; hence, we cannot afford to play the ostrich when we are being assailed with diverse issues such as a failing security model, an outmoded health infrastructure, a dismal social amenities, a dysfunctional educational system, a tottering economic structure amongst others”. “We must relive the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians through the creation of enabling business environment.

The educational system should be revamped to produce competent graduates capable of contributing to growth and development. Our health infrastructure requires an overhaul to discourage medical tourism and preserve our foreign exchange”. He called on the financial services industry to provide the necessary support for the proper functioning of the economy pointing out that the issues should not be turned into a pawn in the chess of politics.

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