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NUP give reasons why President Buhari should make Pension a Constitutionally-backed First Line Charge before leaving office

The Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP) has called on the federal and state governments to make pension a constitutional backed first line charge and put an end to all forms of ill treatment against pensioners in the country.

NUP made the statement in its independent anniversary message by the National President, Comrade Godwin Abumisi.

Extract from the statement, “Pertinently, the leadership of NUP uses this opportunity to loudly call on President Muhammadu Buhari to do his possible best to ensure that payment of pension is entrenched in the constitution of Nigeria as a first line charge.”

“Mr President, you took it upon yourself to make pension payment an important part of your government’s legacy, and you even did so much more by ensuring pension arrears and entitlements owed to pensioners for years are cleared off. We are scared and worried, wondering what will happen to us if the next president refuses to prioritise pension payment as you did. Therefore, we pray you to complete your legacy in the area of pension administration by making pension payment a constitutionally-backed first line charge.”

“In the same vein, we are calling on the 8th National Assembly to put this all important plea of the Nigerian pensioners into consideration and ensure that pension payment becomes stipulated in the constitution of Nigeria as a first line charge.”

“Furthermore, we call on all the 36 state governors in Nigeria to prioritise pension payment. We demand that you also make pension payment a first line charge by entrenching it into the state laws.”

“To this end, we want to unequivocally say that the evil of not paying retirees their due pension and gratuity, of not treating pensioners with respect and dignity is the major reason corruption is prevalent in the civil service. It is also the reason most government workers today are not putting in the required best in their work. It is also why productivity in civil service is no longer the hallmark.”

“This same evil we are talking about is also the reason people in civil service are falsifying their age to stay longer in service because they have seen how pensioners are being treated. And the ripple effect is an increased rate of unemployment. The menace of not caring for the retirees is like a chain reaction that has many negative effects on the country and the progress of Nigeria.”

“We call for an end to all forms of ill treatment to pensioners in Nigeria. We call on the government in the federal and states and private sector employers to have a rethink on how they treat workers and pensioners. We must do things differently in order to change the narrative and achieve a better result for a progressive Nigeria. We must start today to restructure the system in regards to the welfare of the people. We can reduce criminality, corruption in its forms, suffering and hardship if the people are well treated. We should know that workers of today are pensioners of tomorrow.”

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