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Special Health Insurance will soon be available for Senior Citizens

The National Center for Senior Citizens is preparing a health insurance plan to meet the health needs of the country’s senior citizens.

The director general of the center, Dr. Emem Omokaro, made the announcement recently in Abuja in an interview session for the Nigerian News Agency.

Omokaro said that the center’s administration was currently working to recruit interested parties, who would sponsor the plan for the benefit of the elderly.

“Access to health care is free in some developed countries because someone has paid for it. The challenge in Nigeria is not to say that this is free. Who pays for the service and how sustainable can the payment be? “

He revealed that the Federal Government had created a committee to review the National Policy for Social Protection, especially to serve the elderly.

“The 2017 National Social Protection Policy has been under review for almost a year. We have identified all the categories of older people and we have noticed that the policy did not have an implementation working document and it had no cost.”

“It was just a guiding document that the current administration chose and then identified some pillar programs and embarked on. At this time, as I speak, the final draft of the policy has been brought to an inter-ministerial committee for review.”

The CEO pointed out that in some societies medical care was provided almost free to the elderly, and pointed out, however, that everything that was given free to the elderly had to be paid for.

Omokaro recommended that, when comparing countries, one should try to determine if the care provided was through a trust fund.

What is the basic health package? Have they paid for you when you can come to the hospital and ask: can I have surgery, can I check my heart and do a full body checkup?

“What is the content of health care that is free? So we thank this administration for embarking on the policy review now. ”

The general director assured that medical insurance, which the elderly and retired people did not enjoy, will soon become a thing of the past.

“After you have retired, you will realize how much you have overworked your body and how your body will begin to demand something of you. That’s when you need your health. “

Omokaro revealed that the ministerial committee, of which she was a member prior to her current appointment as CEO, did a good job of assessing issues related to who pays for health care.

“All these questions have been answered in the report that will soon be presented to the Federal Government.

“I know that with the political commitment of this administration, the elderly and everyone who retires will soon receive service.”

She described senior citizens as a diverse segment of the population, who should deserve health benefits as a dividend for being citizens of the nation.

Source: NAN

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