Letter from ICAN Outgoing Registrar/Chief Executive to Members.

End of Tenure as Registrar/Chief Executive and Exit from Service.

As my tenure as the Registrar/Chief Executive of our great Institute comes to a close today, December 31 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you for your hard work and invaluable contributions towards the success I achieved while in office. This day is also significant as it brings to my exit from ICAN after 20 years 6 months in its service. Your support, particularly in forms of words of encouragement, counseling and prayers went a long way at upholding me while in office. There is no doubt that your great contributions helped made the difference.

ICAN has improved under our watch with improvements in the quality and standards of out IT systems, website, Professional Examination processes, On screen Marking, Student registration, MCATI, admission of members, enhancing the quality of service to students, members and stakeholders, academic conference, Economic discourse and revamping our practice licence issuance processes and practice review mechanism. The Annual Accountants Conference has continued to achieve tremendous growth in attendance and there is no better testimony that embers still believe in the ICAN brand. We have also started the building of a growing team of young and committed talents within the Institute and thus strengthening the Secretariat for better performance.

The development of the ICAN Accountability Index has placed the Institute beyond the National Stage. ICAN is now the Global stage as IFAC and some countries are calling in for permission to use the model. The registration of the Nigeria Integrated Reporting Committee with CAC is another first of its kind. We continued to build great relationships with global and regional professional accountancy organisations with our active participation and contributions on international bodies such as IFAC, PAFA, ABWA and the Chartered Accountants World Wide (CAW). This has made the Institute highly sought after with so many foreign PAOs calling to have one form of relationship or the other.

Sadly, even though we have made giant strides during the course of my stay, we ere not able to accomplish all that we would have loved to. The reasons are varied but I will not dwell on them but to say that the Institute is a going concern and so those shortfalls will be overcome.

As you all know, Prof. Ahmed Kumshe has since assumed office and from tomorrow will be at the helm of affairs as the Registrar/Chief Executive. I have no doubt that he is the right choice to take the Institute to the next level. My interactions with him these few months have persuaded me to confirm to you that he is ready for the task ahead. I therefore solicit your unalloyed cooperation, support and prayers for him to be able to deliver on his mandate.

May I take this opportunity to apologize to all those that my actions or words would have cause offence, pain or come short of their expectations. I am indeed very sorry as I did not intend to cause anyone any hurt but as human I may have done so. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

Once again thank you and I pray that year 2020 will be a prosperous one for you and your family.

God be with you till we meet again. I leave you all with the peace of God.

Your Sincerely
John I Evbodaghe, MBA, FCA

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