NPA Pensioners Condemn Non-Increment of Pension Benefits

Pensioners’ Welfare Association of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) have complained about non-increment of pension benefits by the NPA management over the years, as stipulated in the Nigeria Constitution.

The pensioners came together recently at their Presidential press briefing in Lagos, to appeal to the management of NPA to increase their pension benefits from current 3% to 33% general pensions increment approved by former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Speaking at the event, the association’s President Pastor Charles Binitie said that the law allows NPA to increase pensioners benefits every five years, adding that NPA management has failed to review and increase the pensioners benefits.

According to him, as required by law, NPA management approached the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission in Abuja to review the fringe benefits of serving employees by about 400% in 2018 while another review was carried out in 2017 and adjusted in 2018, all to the exclusion of the pensioners, who were unilaterally given 3% increment by NPA in 2016.

He said the 3% cannot be compared to the 33% general pensions increment approved by former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, which was the last pensions review in the public service.

“NPA even claimed that it harmonised pensions in addition to the 3% increment, an in-serving Assistance General Manager claimed that the harmonisation was due to the generosity and magnanimity of the Managing Director. Harmonisation is an instrument to bridge gap whenever there is disparity. It is not generosity.”

He lamented that the treatment meted to NPA pensioners is, to say the least, most unfair and unGodly. He said the question one also tempted to ask is what sin have the NPA pensioners committed that they are being treated shabbbily and unGodly by the management of NPA.

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